Commercialization of Patents

The real pity with most investments in patents is that they are never leveraged as commercial assets at all. Of course, not every idea is commercially viable, but after doing the vital initial research and deciding that the idea is commercially viable, Patenting Solutions can help you complete the full cycle of your idea – taking it from conception to monetization.

We at Patenting Solutions specialize in commercializing your patents, making them profitable for you and recouping their expenses. We work with leading professionals in the fields of patent analysis, evaluation, technology transfer and licensing, and would be happy to discuss the appropriateness of applying our cutting edge commercialization policies to your IP portfolio.

Patenting Solutions can help you get your IP appraised and valued for that upcoming Due Deligence or Merger. Even before this, we can help you generate value by strategically developing your IP portfolio for an upcoming evaluation. The IP of practically all of today's technology companies is the vast majority of their company value. Understanding your IP value is understanding what your true value is.

Infographic on Patent Wars:

Patent Purchases and Sales:
The patent databases of the leading patent filing countries offer what is considered to be the most comprehensive source of technical information available anywhere. It is not always necessary to develop technology in-house, when there is often great technology available for purchasing or licensing. Patenting Solutions can help you locate critical technology, and to facilitate your purchasing or selling of the desired technology.

Furthermore, a well managed IP portfolio would help you identify obsolete and potentially damaging IP assets. Abandoning or preferably selling off of such IP assets would potentially increase revenues and allow you to significantly cut-down on IP asset maintenance costs.

Technology Transfer and Licensing:
Your entity can increase its revenues and its technology lead by transferring or sharing its skills, knowledge, technologies, methods of manufacturing etc. to a third party. We can faciliate the development of licensing agreements, setting up joint ventures, partnerships and spin-offs to allow for the sharing of both the risks and rewards of bringing new technologies to market. An IP audit will assist your entity in determining the value of its own IP in order to obtain maximum benefit from any such commercial agreements.

Of course, knowledge of your company’s intellectual property portfolio and of its value will assist you in deciding which IP rights are relevant to acquire, and we strongly suggest taking appropriate steps to understand and manage the scope, potential and limitations of your IP assets.

Investor Matching and M&A's:

Our network of associates and partners gives us access to investors and partners for high potential technologies. We can work with our associates and partners to bring investors and business partners to the table for small and large clients, and generate financial plans and exit strategies for our clients, to enable effective utilization of IP assets.

IP Business Development:
At its root, IP Development is Business Development. Patenting Solutions can use the IP knowledge base to identify white spaces, notice obstacles and traps, and understand market potential. The next stage is using your proprietary technology wisely to defend and penetrate markets, to build relationships, and to establish competitive advantages.

Product Prototyping and Getting to Market:
How many inventors with fantastic IP stumble into trouble when it comes to developing prototypes. Patenting Solutions is connected to a network of top class and reliable invention prototypers, who can quickly develop your prototype, and optionally take it from production through distribution and sales. Of course, you should try to discover who and what is “out there” before investing too much on product development. Such a discovery is often achieved through a patent or market search, and a subsequent analysis of the IP status of any relevant competing products or technologies.

Taking a product or technology to the market, no matter how cool and advanced it may be, is a job for the experts. Our connection to leading product distributers, exporters and sales professionals can jump-start your market planning and execution, without which you may criticially limit your ability to commercialize your proprietary IP.

Strategic Commercialization:
Patenting Solutions can conduct a thorough analysis of your patents, trademarks and trade secrets, and produce a paper that summarizes the status, value and utilization ratio of your entity’s IP portfolio. We will use this data as a basis from which to develop an IP commercialization strategy that is tailor-made for your stage, technology and environment, thereby providing guidance as to the potential for commercialization of your existing and future IP.

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