Intellectual Property Consulting & Training

Recent research has shown that the relative value of intangible assets in corporations has changed dramatically in the last few decades. Leading Corporates in the 1950s owed 10-15% of their value to intangible assets, or intellectual property, moving up to between 30-40% in the 1980's. In the current decade leading corporations ascribe 70-90% of their value to intangible assets. The question is: Where does your future value lie?

When considering launching your business, seeking partners or investors, you should assume that a more than substantial share of your future value is to be found in your intellectual property. As such, you should seriously consider allocating substantial resources to developing an appropriate IP strategy. IP is a time critical business and it is crucial to develop the right level of IP protection from day one!

Patenting Solutions was founded on the platform of empowering small-medium companies to hold their own in our truly global market. Our service and consulting packages are designed to be easily accessible to even small companies and inventors, enabling them to benefit from top end services typically afforded by large companies only. We operate on a personal level to give you close up and specialized treatment. We are here to help develop and protect your dreams.

Consulting Packages

Our rates for IP Consulting depend on who is consulting and the work volume. We will be happy to provide fully transparent pricing schemes upon request, as follows: 
  • On-Demand Consulting – IP consulting when you need it, either on premises or via phone or teleconference.
  • Project Packages – IP projects and packages that may be delivered at a fixed cost.
It is important to properly assess your needs so we can define the package best suited to you. Please be in touch by filling in the Contact Us form, and we will get back to you.

In-house Counsel and IP Awareness Training
It is critical for your people to understand the importance of IP in business, starting with management. We see internal IP training programs for R&D, marketing and business development as an important element of an IP manager’s job. Additionally, it is imperative that the well-founded opinions of the in-house IP counsel be held in high regard, beyond the handling of patent filings and deadline management. A competent in-house professional must create an IP consciousness amongst the management and staff, and should be active in discovering, defining and filtering critical IP. In these and other ways, the IP counsel may be instrumental in aiding business development, R&D, marketing and sales.

Patenting Solutions offers top of the line in-house IP management services, which may be outsourced. In this way, your business can enjoy the benefits of our IP management experience on demand, in accordance with your needs and budget.

Please take a minute to fill in our Contact Us form to initiate contact and describe the scope of your project. Alternatively send us an email at . Any information you provide in our forms is secure, using SSL software.