IP Patent Portfolio Management Services

Most patent portfolios tend to be historic, reflecting the business’s past, rather than its current or future aspirations. Your IP portfolio should be dynamic and ever-evolving, and should aim to ensure that your IP assets remain relevant, financially valuable and implementable at all times. Accordingly, Patenting Solutions facilitates the management and development of your Intellectual Property in a cost effective and value generating way, to allow your visionaries the freedom to invent and succeed.
Portfolio Admin and Development: In many cases, it's the CTO, CEO, primary technology expert, or even the IP manager who is landed with the job of administering the endless communications, invoices and paperwork associated with the organization's IP. Patenting Solutions provides in-house Intellectual Property (IP) administration and development services on a part-time or outsourcing basis, typically as a retainer and/or on a per project basis, to help your IP handler better handle the IP load and focus on their primary tasks. We can handle many of your IP needs in-house, as well as work with your current outside council of choice or our recommended partner firms, to make sure that your IP is efficiently and cost-effectively handled.
Patenting Solutions’ portfolio management goes a lot further than deadline management and a payments control center. We provide packages designed to protect and actively grow and develop a portfolio around your business strategy. A strong portfolio must provide you with an essential Freedom to Operate and the ability to take offensive action where required - and this demands serious professional attention! Facilitating Patent Filings Globally Allow Patenting Solutions to facilitate your patent drafting and filing, whether for Provisional applications, PCT filings or National Filings worldwide, at seriously attractive rates. One example of a very popular package we can deliver is an initial patent filing package.
Patenting Solutions can handle the identification, drafting and filing of a series of Provisional Patent applications to cover any major gaps in your technology protection, and get you quickly “up to speed”. An additional, significantly more comprehensive package is our “Turnkey Portfolio Package”. This package includes identifying gaps and opportunities, designing a patent strategy to best handle your needs, and faciilitating the drafting and filing a series of initial or developed applications, to rapidly build or expand your patent portfolio.
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IP Projects and Packages The Management of your IP portfolio requires "being on the ball" and having the resources on hand to efficiently handle critical projects. Our IP Manager will keep you focused and aware, and will help you implement critical projects such as defensive publications, patent application drafting and filing, searches, training and presentations, due deligence, IP sales or purchases, tech transfer, TM handling and more.We provide a number of tried and tested cost effective service packages to enable you to reap the benefits of multiple item orders. Our packages provide you with price transparency and define our commitment to see projects through till their end, on time.
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