Patent Intelligence

Effective Patent intelligence can provide information about technological or market-related developments, based on a study of global patent data. Patent Intelligence data may play a critical role for decision makers in tracking trends in innovation, identifying licensing and sales targets, anticipating market entry and business white spaces, and assessing competitor strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. As such, effective Patent Intelligence can provide a business stakeholder with tools for which to make critical legal, R&D, product development, strategic or business development decisions.

Patenting Solutions offers the following selection of highly effective patent and IP intelligence services and packages, to provide you with a critical understanding of your business environment:

Patent Searches
IP Inteligence is critical business intelligence, and moreover, the patent databases provide goldmines of information that most businesses do not utiilize. Whether you need an initial patent, market or competitor search, or a more in depth or specialized patentability search or infringement search, let us know.

Competitive Analysis
Patenting Solutions can perform a market and technology search producing a presentation or map that illustrates where the industry is holding and moving, and where the competitors are positioned and are focusing their IP strategies. Such information is critical in understanding technology danger spots and gaps. We can also plot your developing technology using maps and illustrative diagrams, to try better understand where your business or company is situated and where it intends to develop.

Patent Analytics
This relates to undertaking an in depth statistical analysis of patent activity in your technology area. From such an analysis it may be possible to determine industry trends, technology directions and competitor strategies. It may also help in identifying your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

Patent Mapping
Patent research, competitor research and technology research often tends to burden the searcher with excessive unusable data which is also difficult to understand. Through Patent Mapping, we use selected data from market technology or patent searches to create visual displays of particular patent activity of various players in your market or technology space. This may help you see the respective positions and trends, thereby giving you access to the “greater picture”.

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