What different types of Intellectual property are there, and what do they protect?

Utility Patent
Dedign Patent
Trade Secret
What does It Protect?
Products, Procesess, Compositions, Buisness, Methods
Know - how
Original expression of an idea
Customer's idea about the source
What It Prevents!
Using the claimed invention
Making somthing that looks the same
Unauthorized d user or disseminatio of dthe know-how
Copying the expression
Confusing the customer
How is it right established?
Being first
What needs to be done to get protection?
Invention must be edicuatly enclosed in detail, and must be usefull, new and not obvious to a skilled person.
Cosmetic appirance must be new and not obviouse
Know-how must be well defined and safe guarded
Concrete realization of the expression
The mark must be distinctive rather then descriptive
How long does it lost?
Approximatly 20 years.
Approximate ly 14 years (USA)
Until someone leaks the secret
50-100 yrs
As long as it used