Maximize Your
Returns On Innovation.
With Proactive
IP Management.

" Most CEOs and CTOs are simply too overloaded with their critical daily business and technology development tasks, to focus on and get the most from their IP – that’s why we created Patenting Solutions. "
Yaron Damelin, Founder Patenting Solutions

Is your IP getting the attention it deserves?
Up to 80% of your entity’s value may be related to your Intellectual Property or IP. Yet most
early-stage companies don’t have the time, expertise or resources to dedicate to properly
managing their IP assets.

Patenting Solutions offers expert, holistic, in-sourced IP management - tailored to your specific needs and resources. Let us take care of maximizing your IP potential, while you focus on executing your road-map.

Proactive IP Management - Your Competitive Edge
In today’s fast-paced global, hi-tech environment, a reactive approach to IP is not advised -
if you snooze, you will likely lose!

Patenting Solutions offers early-stage companies a proactive approach to their IP management.
By working closely with your C-Level, R&D, Marketing and Senior Management – we’re ideally
positioned to ensure your IP strategy is in harmony with your wider strategic goals and
operational realities. And because we’re ‘inside’, we’re able to identify fruitful new IP opportunities.

Stay in Control of Your IP handling and planning
Handling the day-to-day IP admin can place a burden on you and your business, and can
result in costly errors. Patenting Solutions helps to manage your portfolio and the mass of
emails and communications, keeping you in control with regular updates. So you have peace
of mind that nothing is slipping.

In addition, we make it simpler for you to budget and plan – providing you with the issues,
options and risks involved to make smarter IP decision-making.